Asset Management

KP Overseas Asset Management is a team of hotel experts that is focused on optimizing the returns from operating hotel business. We unlock the true potential of a hotel asset by assisting the unit operations team to challenge the status quo. By using market intelligence, logical assessment and industry best practices, we offer a perspective of balancing hotel operations with the financial objectives of the owner/ investors.

In branded hotels, our inputs are geared towards reducing an environment of ‘trust deficit’ and in making the owner and the operator acknowledge each other’s point of view. In unbranded or independently run hotels; we fill up the ‘knowledge deficit’ by detailed operational involvement.

All assignments commence with a detailed Asset Performance Review that allows us to diagnose the issues and recommend solutions. The client has the option of executing the identified strategy internally or with the help of Hotelivate Asset Management Team through Full-scale Asset Management or Owner Representation Services.


  • KP Overseas can lead to short and long-term gains for hotel investors.
  • In the short run, improved revenues or reduced costs can vastly improve business cashflows.
  • In the longer term, improvement in EBITDA typically leads to a 10x – 12x increase in the valuation of the asset.
  • Hotelivate also partners with subject matters experts in the field of engineering, procurement, human resource and internal controls which allows for providing only the highest quality advice to its clients.
  • The KP Overseas team comprises of experts with high quality domain expertise and relevant industry experience.
  • Expertise in areas like hotel operations, sales, revenue management, online and offline marketing, real estate finance, cost centre optimization, working relationship with operator, management agreements, annual budgeting exercise and manpower allocation.
  • Our advice is backed up by practical application. We work closely with the hotel operations team to work out practical solutions to identified issues at hand.
  • Our interests are aligned with that of the ownership of the hotel.